News Timeline

ARV Consulting & QEM Solutions Partner

January 2021

ARV First Anniversary

October 2020

ARV Wins WSP Hydrogen Strategy Contact

September 2020

ARV Secures New Ofgem RIIO-GD2 Contract

July 2020

National Grid Electricity Transmission (NGET)ARV Wins National Grid HV Strategy Contract

July 2020

ARV Consulting Limited is supporting National Grid Electricity Transmission (NGET) with the development of it's strategy to offer further 'unlicensed' project services associated with HV grid connection assets.

NGET has consent to offer a range of capital delivery project services to third parties seeking support in developing their own assets, upstream or downstream of the licensed HV grid connection itself, which range from project advisory services to full project delivery.

ARV Supports Charity CALM

May 2020

ARV Sponsors Pipeline Guild Dinner

March 2020

ARV Director Becomes IGEM Fellow

February 2020

ARV Secures Ofgem RIIO-GD2 contract

December 2019

ARV Consulting Ltd. (ARV) Incorporated

October 2019