ARV Consulting

What we do

ARV Consulting is an independent energy infrastructure consultancy business offering professional services and consulting advisory services to the UK’s gas and electricity transmission and distribution markets.

Our Scope

Our energy industry is in transition towards a new decarbonised, decentralised and digitised energy future, and it’s not optional. Both the Climate Change Act and the UK government’s regulator of gas and electricity markets (Ofgem) are placing significant pressures on energy businesses to support the UK in meeting our schedule of Carbon (reduction) Budgets, and to push for greater innovation and efficiency in the regulated energy networks to further protect the interest of energy consumers.

The way we all consume and generate energy now has also changed as the use of data has become ever more important and so our demand for power and heating are all becoming smarter. And of course all of this is set in the context of the ageing infrastructure that we use to move our energy around the UK which is requiring more intervention and support than ever before.

How we help

At ARV Consulting, we provide support as individual consultants, or as small teams, directly to network and asset owners, operators, contractor service providers and to investors covering a wide range of energy infrastructure advisory services, helping our clients address the challenges of this ever-changing UK energy market.

Our Purpose

“To help our clients better support their clients”